Planning Out Your Landscape

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If you've never managed a landscape design project before, you might be overcome by all the landscape designing selections you can make. But the same principles that lead your room setup inside should lead your designs outside, too. Here are some ideas for planning out your landscape.

Create a list of needs and desires. Do your little ones want an outside play area? Do you plan to grow any vegetables or plants? Would you like a backyard patio? Do some rough drawings of the yard with ideas of where you want to place things. It's a great organizing basis for landscaping design for beginners. These won’t be master plans, but just ideas. A professional landscape designer will most likely understand what you are thinking and give you some concrete landscape drawings for you to look over. You can simply play around with concepts without a lot of time and commitment.

One thing to consider for you landscape design project is the sun and wind patterns. For example, if you want to have a patio on the west side of the house, it probably will get lots of afternoon sun which mean dinner could be hot and uncomfortable. Moreover, gusts of wind blowing around your outdoor space will rapidly extinguish a fire pit. Not factoring in the sun and the wind are typical mistakes for homeowners. Your landscape design should take into account what the sun and the wind do at various times of the day and year. You should come up with solutions to handle the issues.

Part of constructing a landscape is slowly crafting a plan and taking pleasure the process. From your master plan, begin with a little flowerbed. If you don’t have any ideas, reach out to a professional landscape company to help you get the ball rolling. But you might want to start small and give yourself some time to see how things develop. If you put in foliage, remember plants grow and things get bigger. People tend to forget that. The idea is to go slowly and do a little at a time so you are pleased with the end results.

One of the most important things to remember about planning your landscape is being open to change. Unless you're very committed to something, be truthful about what you like and what you can do without. You might find yourself over the years realizing that you really liked one thing and now you could care less.

It is imperative to remember that patience is key to planning a landscape designing project. If all that plain space is too much to look at, and the kids and dogs are tracking in mud, try short-term solutions, like annuals, mulch, or even ground covers. These can cover an area while you're thinking about what you want. Remember: big landscaping items such as trees can be hard to transplant. On the other hand, annuals can be removed and flowers and hedges can be moved somewhere else if you realize they’re not in the right place. However, in the meantime, you have something pretty in your landscape.

Quality Over Price

A swimming pool is a huge addition to a Tomball, TX home and can bring endless years of pleasure to your property. When thinking about pool construction, it is vital to take into account all the things that influence the cost. While installing some choices at the time of construction could make the job more cost-effective, there are other features that can be added later on without adding more expense. Pool construction and pool remodeling aren’t simple projects. There are some qualities that appear to be a part of every beautiful pool in The Woodlands, TX area.

Following a correct method for picking a Spring, TX pool contractor can make a daunting decision considerably easier. You will obviously want a to choose a Texas pool contractor who is not only brilliant and has a solid reputation, but who also has expertise with the particular pool design you desire.

To assist aspiring pool owners in the Spring and Tomball, TX areas, here is our proposed checklist for seeking and selecting the top pool contractor. With the right pool contractor, you will save money because this individual has your best interest at heart. Expert pool contractors understand that their company’s reputation is on the line with every pool construction job, so shoddy work with cheap materials is not an option. The goal is to construct a pool for you that is made of quality pool products while keeping the cost of the job affordable.

Locating the right pool contractor isn’t going to happen if you don’t know precisely what you want them to do. Therefore, your first job should be to decide your pool installation of choice and the pool layout you desire (in-ground or above ground). Learn the most common materials and installation techniques, and make informed decisions about what the end product will look like.

When you believe that you have more than one pool contractor who fits the bill, you will want to hear precisely how they plan to do your pool construction. Ask for a bid, which will have an estimated cost, a list of required materials and a tentative timeline for the job to be finished.

Do you desire a cement, tiled, or vinyl-lined pool? Various materials have various costs. A solid concrete pool costs more, but it will last much longer than a vinyl-lined pool. Even if you are drawn to tiles made of porcelain, you might not want to acquire the expense, particularly when you can get a liner that is constructed to look like tile.

There are as many price points as there are pool material choices. So, it is crucial to speak with your pool installation expert about which one is best for you. However, it is best to keep in mind that if there is a swimming pool design that you are in love with, but you believe you can’t afford, you can recreate that look with more budget-friendly pool materials.

Remember to equalize price with quality and reputation. The cheaper pool builder may cost you more over time if their construction was flawed.

Hopefully, one candidate will stand out amongst the rest and provide you with an easy answer for whom to go with. We believe that that candidate will be Envy Exteriors. With Envy Exteriors selected, you can start work on installing a gorgeous new pool that could be ready in time for summer pool season.



Signs of a Great Pool Builder

From the numerous hours looking for a pool builder, to creating your dream pool, and finally meeting and discussing with a Spring, TX area pool building team, there are many things to consider before signing that contract.

First Impressions
Your Woodlands, TX pool building company should have the following: a website, business cards, a physical location, and company equipment.  Regardless if you are introduced to a pool contractor via a friend or family member, if one of these things aren’t readily available, you might want to walk away.

You Do the Talking

Reputable Tomball, TX pool construction companies and contractors will never push themselves on your without having good, solid references and reviews. If these items aren’t readily available on their website, ask them for it.


Remember, timing is everything. A reliable Spring, TX pool installation company avoids outdated posts and instead gives you clear, recent reviews stating what type of work was done and in what manner.


Good Business is Good for Business
You’ve looked over Yelp and the BBB, finding coherent comments from customers that seem very similar. Are you wondering why they’re so happy? It’s because they discovered a winner, and the reliability shows just that. You should trust the fact that affirmative comments show patterns, not a one-time thing. Something else to keep in mind: a solid pool contractor possesses and is willing to show licensing and proof of compliance.

Not Selling, but Helping
In pool building industry, there aren’t any hard-hitting sales tactics, since pool building is a process. A really proficient Tomball, TX pool builder makes time to create an achievable pool construction plan that is well within your budget and time schedule. With the cost and offer process, a dependable pool builder specifies products and labor to avoid any question of quality. Transparency is significant to knowing where money and time are being spent with your pool building project.


Creating Accountability From The Get Go
Does your pool builder show up on time to meetings? Are your phone calls answered or phone messages returned in a timely fashion? Accountability during your project is crucial to having a positive outcome. Whether it’s a small task, or a large backyard pool remodeling job, a capable and communicative Spring, TX area pool builder will want you to be relaxed at the end of your project, and not looking for another TX pool contractor to help remedy your mistakes.


If a pool contractor is ready to give you a long list of references, that’s a great sign. The more content customers a pool builder can point to, the less likely it is that they’re a fake. If there are a lot of references, you probably won’t be able to check them all, but you should unsystematically pick a few to call (pick from various parts of the list). If it’s a small list, that shouldn’t exclude the contractor, but you might want to ask some exploratory questions to make sure the references are real. Here are some to consider:

Did the contractor finish the project on time and only ask for payment for finished work?

Were there any unexpected surprises?

Were the pool builders courteous and considerate of your needs while working around your property?

There are many others that you can choose from. Doing your due diligence in the beginning of the project can save you a lot of hassle and headache down the road, as well as saving you money!

The Outdoor Living Room

In the summertime, there is nothing better than entertaining and having a good time in your home’s outdoor space with family and friends. Today’s outdoor living rooms are built as an extension of today’s indoor living rooms. Whether it is a covered patio to sit and watch TV, or an outdoor stove and oven to enjoy a family meal, you want an outdoor living room constructed with innovation and distinctiveness.

With the right Woodlands, TX outdoor construction company, you get patterns and designs to satisfy any taste. Whether it’s a small backyard design job or a huge outdoor design project, your outdoor living job is important to your property value. With a reliable outdoor construction business, attention is given to even the littlest details. Construction experts always deliver high standards, which is why you should pick one with a solid reputation if you are thinking about getting a patio, deck, fire pit, or outdoor oven in your yard.  

It is understandable that you have invested in flowers and shrubs to enrich your outdoor space, and now you need to renovate the surrounding areas and structure for a polished look. This is where a dependable Woodlands, TX outdoor construction contractor comes in. From patios to outdoor kitchens, your hardscaping is designed to emphasize the visual appeal of your property’s outdoor space. Your new outdoor living room not only boosts your property value, it gives you an environment worth coming home to.

A skillful outdoor construction contractor can be your single-source solution for all your outdoor living space needs. A knowledgeable one combines your vision with your experience. The outdoor living room that is built will integrate flawlessly with your ideas, as well as your topography and architecture. With the wide selection of materials now available for hardscaping, you are guaranteed to get the look you desire. When you want help from a trustworthy outdoor living room contractor in bringing your concepts to fruition, make sure you do your homework and choose one that has a positive reputation, online reviews, and references.

A topnotch TX outdoor construction business can make the most of your property. When it comes to constructing an outdoor living room, the focus isn’t just simple landscaping. The goal is to create a personal oasis that is individualized to your specific needs. Experienced contractors will keep in close contact with you every step of your project, making sure that everything is to your liking.

From the first time you contact a Woodlands, TX area outdoor construction contractor to the completed job, you should expect superior level craftsmanship and customer service, since you are investing a great deal of time and money. You should look for a business that merges art and architecture, adding some natural materials, bringing flawless outdoor construction at affordable costs.

If you want excellence and communication, hire a staff who is dedicated to its clients, as well as being proud of their workmanship. This outdoor construction business has no issue providing references. If you are looking for uniqueness, you will want an experienced team who possesses an artistic understanding and a strong passion for improving outdoor living areas.

"The Pergola"

The pergola is an excellent addition to outdoor landscaping that can give you the perfect place to host guests for a barbecue or cocktail party. This is excellent when you live in The Woodlands, and have so much pretty weather for outdoor gatherings. With the right pergola design, you can give your backyard a centerpiece that provides class and utility. The best part about bringing in outdoor contractors to help you with a new pergola is that you can really customize it to look the way you want. 

One advantage that people find with pergolas is that they can add value to their home, but also they are incredibly fun and have many uses. Whether you want the pergola contractor to help you set up a pergola that is designed to fit an outdoor kitchen, or you just want something simple, you can get the look you want. This can be a great addition to your landscape and provide you with a key piece to feature if you are ever trying to sell your home in The Woodlands.

When you look for outdoor contractors that can help with your pergola design and installation, you want to find one that has great experience and references. When you make an investment in your home, you want to know that you are getting the most value for your money. Finding an experienced pergola contractor will allow you to see their previous work and get the exact design that you want.

Another great way to use a pergola is for a shaded area beside the pool. If you have a pool in the backyard, it could really benefit from the addition of a pergola installation from licensed outdoor contractors. You could line the pergola on the backside of your house to create an extended shaded walkway that is a perfect place to keep a chair and a towel ready. It is also nice to have a shaded area for anyone that wants to hang out outside but not get in the pool.

The reason that it is so nice to add a pergola to your home in The Woodlands, is because they are so versatile and durable. If you bring in the right pergola contractor, you could really transform your backyard into a more beautiful place that the whole family can spend time in. It can also be built to compliment an outdoor kitchen where you can host outdoor dinner parties.

Before you pick out your pergola design with a contractor, you can do your own research and start looking at popular designs. There are many different ways to incorporate a pergola into your backyard, so when you meet with a pergola contractor, be sure to let them know what you want to use it for. The addition of this piece is certain to make your home more accommodating to guests and add value if you ever choose to sell it.