The Importance of Pool Deck Maintenance

A new pool deck installation can transform the area around your pool into the perfect summer hangout spot. When you work through pool remodeling to get your space set up perfectly, you need excellent pool deck maintenance to keep it in great shape. So many people in The Woodlands have had pool renovations that include amazing pool decking. However, anyone that has ever let their maintenance for their pool decking slide will tell you that things can get out of control. There are a couple of things to consider after your pool deck installation that will improve the appearance and the safety of your pool decking.

Sealing Your Pool Deck in The Woodlands

Having a proper seal treatment for your pool decking makes a huge difference in your long-term maintenance and helps make your pool decking safer. If you have made an investment in pool remodeling and have a deck that you want to last a long time, then getting it sealed can help tremendously. A sealant for your pool decking helps it to stay looking great, but it also protects it from factors like the weather and pool chemicals that can be harmful to your deck and cause it to stain or fade.

A sealant also creates a safer deck. Slip resistant sealers are available for your pool decking and will keep everyone safe as they enjoy time by the pool. Sealants are a vital part of pool deck maintenance because it keeps the deck and your family safe. After proper pool deck installation, the sealant is one of the most important investments to make for your pool's deck in The Woodlands.

Patching Cracks in Your Pool Decking

Regardless of how well you take care of your deck, cracking can happen because of structural issues or freezing or even product failure. These cracks in pool decking can cause some obvious problems. If a crack is big enough, you could trip over it, but even if it is not, it can ruin the great look you got from recent pool renovations. There are contractors in The Woodlands that can help fill and seal cracks in your pool decking before things get worse and you end up needing a new pool deck installation.

Embrace the Power Washer

No matter what you do, your pool decking will likely get stains and appear a little dingy after a lot of use or exposure to the weather. Getting your decking power washed will help it to shine like new so that you can show off your pool renovations with pride. Professional power washers know how to get all of the dirt trapped in the concrete decking out and make sure that everything looks great.

Making sure that your pool deck installation and new pool look great and are safe for everyone allows you to fully enjoy your investment and protect your financial investment. Always be sure to take care of the consistent maintenance needs of your pool decking to increase the value of your pool renovations over time.

Backyard Landscape Ideas to Improve Your Home in The Woodlands

Imagine spending more time outside, getting fresh air, and doing it without leaving your home. With the right backyard landscape design, you can turn your home into an incredible hangout spot for any season. Here are six ideas for your backyard that an innovative landscape contractor can add that you, your family, and your friends will love.

Covered Structures.jpg

Install a Beautiful Patio for Enjoyable Evenings Outside

If you want to spread your living space to the backyard, get a landscape company to install a patio. With a beautiful new patio, that an expert in landscape design creates just for you, there are so many options. Now you have a new way to enjoy the first warm days of spring. Patios create an area to grill outside, enjoy a fire pit in the fall, and make your social engagements more enjoyable for everyone.

Pavestone Deck.jpg

Add a Deck to Create a Classy Look for Your Backyard

Bringing in a landscape contractor to build you a deck will dramatically improve your backyard landscape design. Whether you are building a deck out from the second story of a building on a hill, or you have a simple short deck with great style, it is guaranteed to make your hangout space spectacular. With a deck addition, you improve your property value and you can have a completely customized style. Just do a little research on what you like ahead of time and find the landscape company that can create what you want.

Are You Ready for a Pool Party?

This is the classic American backyard improvement. Having a swimming pool in your backyard makes every summer memorable. Your landscape design is automatically improved, and who does not like swimming or laying out by the pool. A landscape contractor can also help you build an incredible pool deck to make the whole area truly special.

Make Fantastic Dinners in an Outdoor Kitchen

One of the things that can make a dinner party stressful is a lack of space. A landscape company can help you install a spacious outdoor kitchen, where you are not cramped inside with guests. It also will keep you from spending more on energy cooling your home while you cook. This is a simple way to improve your landscape design and make everyone in your household and all of your friends more comfortable.

Why Not Create an Entire Outdoor Living Area?

Make your outdoor landscape design friendly for kids and adults alike with an outdoor living area. When the weather is nice, you can have a place to sit and chat, while the kids play in the pool or the backyard. With advancements in outdoor furniture and creative designs, this is a great route to go.

Landscape Lighting is Important

One thing that any landscape contractor will tell you is that you greatly improve your outdoor space with great lighting, Make sure that you can spend the evenings outside with the proper lighting that does not blind you but also does not leave you in the dark.

Winter Pool Maintenance in The Woodlands Area

Maintaining your pool during the winter months may not seem like a necessity, but it is crucial to the life of your pool. Imagine your pool as a living organism that needs care and attention in order to live the fullest, healthiest life. Don’t you want to be able to enjoy the best version of your pool for years to come? Well, keeping that pool maintained during the off-season is essential towards accomplishing that goal. Here are a couple of winter pool maintenance tips that will help you out:

·         Stay Proactive

Regular chemical treatments are the first step to keeping your pool clean and healthy during the winter months. Adding chlorine and algaecide will keep the pool water clean and prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and algae that can stain the pool’s lining. Keep in mind that many different factors can affect the chemical balance of your pool water like rain, sunlight, and heat. Check your chemical levels regularly. The secret to pool maintenance is preventing problems before they start. Problems like algae can become a headache when left untreated.


·         Keep Your Pool Covered

Another way to keep your pool clean during the winter months is to simply keep it covered. Who likes fetching leaves, pine needles, and other debris out of the pool? If you don’t have a pool cover, invest in one. It saves a lot of time and hassle. Furthermore, pool covers are energy-efficient because they keep your filter pump from being overused. Filter pumps are costly, especially with larger pools.


What are the Benefits of Winter Pool Maintenance?


Many people will agree that swimming in a heated pool on a chilly winter evening is bliss. Keeping your pool clean and well-maintained will allow for you to enjoy it during the winter months. So, invite your friends and family over for a relaxing evening of swimming pool fun while barbecuing out back. They will thank you for it. One of the best parts about owning a pool is being able to show it off. Be the envy of your block. Keep your pool looking clean by staying proactive and keeping it covered.

There is More to Landscaping than Just the "Trim"

We all know about the typical lawn trimming services that consist of a few men, a few lawn mowers, and a few weed-eaters. Nowadays it’s all about “mow the lawn as fast as possible” and move on to the next. Where have all the true landscapers gone? Where is the creativity in a 15 dollar lawn trim? Designing a landscape that demands appreciation should be like creating a composition of line and color to a canvas which culminates in art. As with art, a great landscape design consists of three stages: planning, execution, and admiration.

Planning the perfect landscape design involves a lot of creativity. There are always obstacles to conquer such as layout of the land, unknown weather patterns, and unforeseen material upgrades. Thinking ahead, being flexible, and planning for all circumstances are just a few aspects of creativity. It always helps to have innovative landscapers readily available, such as those at Envy Exteriors in The Woodlands.

Execution is where the rubber-meets-the-road in landscape design. In order to pull off the ultimate outdoor environment, you have to have the best landscapers around who will work tirelessly until the job is done right, perfectionists so to speak. And don’t think that logistics aren’t key when executing a grand landscape design. Everything from ordering material, to planting a garden, to irrigation installation has to be done in a fashion that resembles a well-oiled machine.

When all is said and done, the landscape design is judged by the admiration it receives. Sure, nowadays people can be jaded from time to time by all the nice yards they see on T.V. or magazines. But there is really something to say about a yard that makes all other yards around it look like office ficus. Yard envy is the highest form of flattery in the world of landscaping. When maximum effort is put into designing a landscape, admiration from neighbors and by-passers alike is sure to follow.

The secret to success in life is how hard you are willing to work in order to achieve it. There is no difference when it comes to creating the ultimate outdoor environment. Timely planning and flawless execution must be applied in order to obtain a yard that can be revered. So break away from that 15 dollar lawn mower guy and design a landscape that is worthy of being envied.

How Landscape Design Can Attract Customers to Your Local Business

Running a business is hard. Attracting business is not just about getting an increase in sales, but it is about making a genuine connection with your services, and also your appearance. To be honest, being a business owner always involves more than just making money. If you want your landscape design to reflect your dedication to your customer base, your product or your services, then professional landscape installation is incredibly important. One of the biggest parts of landscape design and running a business is presenting yourself in a way that reflects your intentions. Most business owners want to provide services that benefit their neighbors. The best way to try to improve your value to the community and your customers is to invest in landscape design,

Here are three ways that investing in your landscape design and landscape installation in The Woodlands will help your business:

1.       Landscape Design Reflects Your Values
The first thing that people notice when they arrive at your business is the landscape. Having incredibly technical and creative landscape design, and installation services, from professionals, is the best way to guarantee that you always appear professional. When clients and customers arrive on your property, they always want to know that they are in a good place to spend their money. Having the proper lighting, landscape maintenance, and other visual aesthetics is the best way to improve the standing your business has with the community.

2.       Landscape Installation Guarantees Quality
If you have made the decision to invest in your landscape design, then professional landscape installation is the only way to guarantee the proper level of distinguished professionalism. When you are trying to improve your business through proper lighting, landscape professionalism and appearance in The Woodlands, professional installation matters. It is incredible how much your professional landscape installation team can improve your overall appearance to potential customers and clients for your business. Picture it this way, if you were looking to try and impress someone online, you would get the best graphic designers and web designers, the same thing goes for the property surrounding your business. Impressing customers with your professional quality is important for attracting new business, so get the best landscape installation and design from professionals to guarantee that the job is done right.

3.       How Landscape and Lighting Affects First Impressions
The first time that you meet someone, you make an opinion in your mind about them based on how you present yourself. While you never intend to judge based on the exterior, having the best landscape and lighting is actually a big deal to potential customers and clients. In The Woodlands, the best way that you can guarantee to increase sales is to provide your customers with great lighting and landscape design.

Hiring professionals helps you prove how invested you are in your business. If you need to increase sales and business in The Woodlands, then you should consider hiring professionals, like the ones at Envy Exterior.