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Aside from the type and size of the pool itself, perhaps the most important decision we make as pool owners that determines how much we will use and enjoy our backyard retreats, is our selection of deck size and material. There are a vast array of choices when it comes to decking. Our decisions are based on several important factors - cost, size of area, typical use, and appearance.

The first rule of thumb in pool decks, is to "Buy as much as you can afford." We've all heard it, and for good reason. It will never be cheaper or easier to add square footage to your decking than it is when you build. Adding additional deck later adds to extra cost, means giving up your yard again, and can lead to potential problems matching materials. Of course following that recommendation is easier said than done. After all, you are already spending plenty of money on the project, and adding a couple thousand dollars more can be quite a strain on the old budget. It can be a tough decision and one that may have you trying to decide between using a less expensive material and a larger deck, or a more costly option covering less space. It is really a personal choice that you have to make for yourself. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but some of the most common deck options are pavers, stone, stamped concrete, exposed aggregate, Kool Deck, brushed concrete.

Travertine Pool Decking

Travertine is one of the more popular materials for building luxury pool decks. This material’s reputation for being hard-wearing yet beautiful has been known since ancient times. Today, the material is in as much demand as ever, especially with pool builders who have come to depend on this material’s porous nature and tendency to remain cool to the touch. Because travertine typically absorbs water instantly, decks made of it are virtually slip-free. Plus, it can handle all types of weather conditions, including freeze/thaw.

Travertine is commonly found in one of three finishes: tumbled (textured and porous), honed (smooth and matte), and polished (smooth and shiny).

Limestone Pool decking

Limestone is one of the world’s go-to building materials. Limestone, normally quarried from local sources, is hardy and can retain its beauty for years, no matter the weather. Many pool designers not only construct decks using this material, but also prefer to use its good looks for pool coping.

Durable and alluring in a warm, earthy way, limestone can tolerate extreme weather changes and hold up against continuous use. Colors include gray, blue, tan, brown, and pink, among others, and can be cut in a variety of shapes and sizes, making it a stress-free choice of decking for many homeowners.

Pavers Pool Decking

Pavers, usually made of concrete, brick or stone. Although there are endless types of pavers, Travertine pavers have become a very popular, luxurious option. Pavers can vary from simple layouts to intricate patterns. Most paver materials are weather resistant, non-slip, and very durable. One of the great things about pavers is that if one gets cracked or you need to work on the plumbing underneath, the pavers can be removed and later replaced.

Stamped Concrete Pool Decking

Stamped concrete has grown in popularity quite a bit over the past several years. Stamped concrete is concrete that is stamped, or textured to look like patterned stone, pavers, or just about any other material. One of the great features of stamped concrete is that is can be made to match virtually any house or setting. When using stamped concrete around a pool, be sure to add a textured surface to prevent the stained surface from becoming too slippery.

Flagstone Deck

Another very popular choice for pool owners seeking the natural look is flagstone. Flagstone is commonly used as both a coping and decking material. Flagstone has various natural colors able to fit into almost any color scheme, and a naturally rough texture to prevent slipping. Don't forget...when using porous, soft stone around pools, it may be necessary to use an approved sealer to protect the stone from chemicals associated with pool use. Flagstone, especially darker colors can also be hot in the sun and due to it's naturally variant surface, can sometimes cause small puddles of water on the surface.

Kool Deck Deck

Kool Deck is an affordable concrete coating. It is made of a combination of concrete and man-made materials to form a deck coating, comes in a variety of colors and has an appearance similar to stucco. This product is excellent in areas where hot climates make for very hot surfaces and can be cooler on the feet than concrete or other deck materials. Kool Deck has been in widespread use for many years.

Brushed Concrete Finish

Brushed concrete, is basically just what it sounds like, concrete that is brushed to give it a better texture and appearance. The most common application would have the look of a sidewalk or driveway. We can take this simple, cost effective material and turn it into something more appealing. Using various type of brushes, sponges, trowels and custom tools, brushed concrete can be formed with a variety of unique patterns and finishes (such as the popular rock-salt finish).

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