Pool Construction Process

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The Process of Designing and Constructing a New Swimming Pool

Envy Exteriors has built a reputation for helping customers design and construct their dream swimming pool. We work closely with each customer to determine the wants and needs for a backyard swimming or entertaining experience. Our professionals take into consideration the size of your yard, the materials needed, your budget, and the building time frame to recommend the perfect size and style of pool to meet your needs and surpass your expectations.

Layout and Excavation

We know that seeing is believing, so before we begin working on your new pool, our contractors will provide a detailed layout in your yard of what the pool area will look like. Upon your approval, and after making any requested changes, our contractors will begin the excavation process. The contractors use the proper sized excavation equipment to dig out the pool area. Depending on the amount of area we have to work, we typically utilize the material excavated to implement texture to the landscape or lawn such as raised beds, retention walls or birms . Once the excavation is complete, the contractors will use rebar to create a reinforced pool shell that will add strength and rigidity to your pool for years to come.

Plumbing and Equipment Added

Licensed contractors will add the necessary plumbing and electrical wiring for your pool. Envy Exteriors prefers to use larger than average plumbing lines, and 45 degree fittings, as opposed to 90 degree fittings, which allows for a more energy-efficient pool. Then the gunite installation, through which a concrete mixture is forcefully sprayed over the rebar shell. This creates the interior of your pool. Contractors then add tile, coping and pool decking around your pool before setting up the pool equipment needed to manage the filtration and cleaning of the pool. We check that everything operates properly and that you have the best equipment for your pool’s needs.

Interior Finish and Landscaping

The final step is the plaster application, which is generally applied a minimum of three weeks after the gunite. The color and material of the finish affects the look of your pool, so we will work closely with you to ensure you choose a style that reflects your tastes. We prefer to landscape, irrigate, drain and install landscape lighting to all of our projects, so we are the first and last company out the door prior to you enjoying your best investment yet.

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