Maintenance & Fertilization

As the leading company for landscape maintenance & fertilization in The Woodlands, TX, Envy Exteriors pays attention to every detail. Our landscape maintenance and fertilization experts will transform your outdoor area into a lifestyle. Because of our devotion to providing first-class landscape maintenance, we have a reputation as having the best landscaping contractors in the industry. We have the dedication and expertise that has guaranteed satisfaction to all our customers.

Attention to details in our projects is what creates a beautiful setting. We are committed to delivering your landscape maintenance project on time and on budget. Our continued success is based on the fact that our quality work is completed every day. Our landscape team looks forward to creating a customized landscape design that will compliment your property. We are ready to serve you. Our range of plants and service choices are perfect for any season. We have installed thousands of landscapes in Spring, Tomball, and The Woodlands, TX area.

To uphold your beautiful landscape designs, landscape maintenance and fertilization is a must. Over time, adverse Houston, TX area weather can corrode and harm the appeal of your landscape design. Envy Exteriors can smooth out those rough spots to keep your outdoor area in tip-top shape.

It is our purpose to help you fabricate a design for your landscape that will fit precisely with the structure of your residential property. Our landscape designs are guaranteed to be functional, beautiful, and easy to care for. We will go over every aspect of the design with you, gathering your input, as well as implementing our expertise. The end result is a gorgeous yard every neighbor will envy. If you are looking for a landscape contractor who delivers quality service, ask Envy Exteriors.

Our landscape maintenance and fertilization will keep everything green and beautiful. Our landscaping solutions are the affordable choice to safeguarding the continued beauty of your outdoor living area. Besides residential landscape maintenance, we also offer irrigation and drainage installation service. Our service will keep the grounds around your home looking well-kept. Our skilled team of professionals has developed a specific program to manage your property all-year round.

We specialize in a number of landscaping services, all geared to bringing beauty and functionality to your yard. Even though we been in the industry since 1999, we continually research new methodologies to better our landscape maintenance service. We are enthusiastic about making your outdoor space as elegant and attractive as possible, and we will do whatever it takes to make it happen.

We understand that a home does not start at the front door. We also understand that since a home is a huge investment, you want to get the most out of your property. Therefore, you want to select a caring and professional company that will handle all of your landscaping needs. Let us create a great-looking oasis for your property, an outdoor area you will enjoy spending time relaxing by yourself or with your loved ones. To keep your landscape appearance up to par, reach out to the professionals at Envy Exteriors.


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