The Importance of Winter Lawn Maintenance

One of the best ways to keep your home value high is to take care of your yard. Proper lawn maintenance is a must, and it is actually a year-round task. For those that care about their lawn in The Woodlands, it can be helpful to get lawn maintenance advice for the tricky winter months. Here are 4 helpful winter lawn maintenance tips that will make sure that you have a top lawn when the spring and summer roll back around.

1.       Get your lawn to the right length for winter.
In the winter months, one key to lawn maintenance is making sure that your lawn is low when winter starts. You can do this by shortening the length of your lawn each time that you mow until it is at its lowest length as winter is beginning. Long grass in The Woodlands can make your lawn a home for burrowing creatures that need warmth in the winter. Another reason that short grass is key for lawn maintenance is that it prevents new growth in the winter which can lead to a weaker lawn in the following year.

2.       Clear all of your lawn of furniture and debris.
If anything sits on your lawn through the winter months, it can cause dead spots when your grass grows the next year. The reason this is included in winter lawn maintenance tips is because it can be easy to overlook a random toy or log on the lawn and forget about it in the winter time. Be sure to do a thorough check of your entire lawn before the winter and try to do weekly or bi-weekly checks throughout the winter. This simple piece of lawn maintenance will help your lawn stay even and grow properly the following spring.

3.       Fertilize throughout the winter months.
Before the seriously cold weather of the winter months' rolls in, it is important for your lawn in The Woodlands to be treated with fertilizer. The reason this is a key for winter lawn maintenance is that it allows your lawn to soak up needed nutrients for the following spring, and keep them in the soil during freezes. Proper fertilization of your lawn is vital to having a great yard, so it should be a part of any lawn maintenance advice you take no matter what the season is, even winter.

4.       Take Care of Your Lawn in the Fall
Some of the most important lawn maintenance for the winter can be done in the fall. Raking leaves, mowing properly as the grass turns brown, and avoiding walking on the grass is very important to the overall lawn health. When you work on following these winter lawn maintenance tips, you will be appreciative of the work that you put in during the fall.

Hopefully, you can use this winter lawn maintenance advice to guarantee that your yard in The Woodlands looks great next year and many years to come.