Pool Remodeling Adds Value to Your Home


For homeowners in Spring, TX with a pool, it can be difficult to figure out new ways to improve your property value. One of the easiest solutions is to bring in some expert pool contractors for a pool remodeling that takes your pool to the next level. With modern pool designs, you could have the best pool builders come in to provide you with and excellent remodel. There are so many options for improving your property value and making your pool area even more amazing. Here are 5 ways that a pool remodeling project will improve your home.

1.       Make Your Pool More Functional
When someone is buying a home with a pool, they want it to be versatile. Getting professional pool builders to come and add LED lights to your pool would increase the time that could be spent in the pool. LED lights create the possibility of using the pool at night, which can be appealing. It also makes the pool and surrounding landscape look nicer. This pool remodeling project is something that pool contractors can take care of at a fairly inexpensive price, but it adds a lot of value.

2.       Get the Right Handrails for the Spring, TX Heat
A small adjustment that you could make to your pool is to change out metal had rails for powder-coated ones. This is great for any home, but especially one’s in areas where it gets really hot. Metal rails can burn your hands and could potentially turn away buyers. However, with a small upgrade in this area, you have even more value coming from your pool.

3.       Building a Pool Side Fire Pit
This may not be the first thing you think of with pool remodeling. However, pool contractors can design and install a fire pit as a part of the remodel design and turn the deck area into a year-round outdoor living space. With a fire pit, you can make it as simple or as complex as you like. Outdoor living spaces are great for property value, and this can make the area around the pool more enjoyable when the weather is cooler.

4.       Resurface the Deck
Getting new pool decking is a simple and effective way to increase your property value. Having improvements done to the decking around the pool not only adds style and class, but it makes your pool area safer for everyone. You can customize your pool decking however you want with a wide variety of materials.

5.       Complete Pool Resurfacing
If you are looking to invest a little more in your pool remodeling and greatly improve your property value in Spring, TX, then a complete resurfacing is a great idea. You can take your pool and give it a brand-new look and feel. Over time, every pool surface can get dingy or receive wear and tear. If you get a pool resurfaced, it could impress your potential buyers and help you get a better asking price.