Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting alters the look and safety of your home during the nighttime. When you hire a professional landscaping company to install landscape lighting on your property, these landscapers assist you in searching the various outdoor lighting fixtures and offer the inspiration and information you need to enhance the curb appeal of your home.


Type of Landscape Light

Pick the type of landscape lighting that gives you what you’re looking for, or you can mix and match to completely light up your yard. LED landscape lighting is the top choice for homeowners seeking landscape lighting that is energy efficiency and simple maintenance.


Path lights - the most common type of landscape lighting. Typically, path lights are used to line a flower bed, walkway, or other hard-to-see areas, bringing ambiance and safety.

Spotlights and Floodlights – a friend of mine who provides landscape service in The Woodlands, TX says that if you want to bring security to your yard, as well as highlight your hedges and shrubs, spotlights and floodlights are the way to go.

Deck lights – good to keep you safe when walking on your deck/deck stairs at night.

Well lights –showcase your neatly trimmed trees or flower beds by putting well lights around the base of your trees or your flower beds.

Post cap lights – for visual appeal and safety, put post cap lights at the top of your deck posts.


Solar lighting has become an affordable and trendy way to light up your yard. Without electricity or wiring, you can put solar lighting anywhere you want. Solar lighting operates utilizing a solar collection panel that draws energy from sunlight and changes it into electrical power that's put in highly effective rechargeable batteries. As the sun goes down, the solar lights come on. In perfect situations, solar lights that are at full power stay on for about 15 hours.


LED solar lights give off white, bright lighting. Nonetheless, solar-powered lighting needs a good amount of sunlight so the batteries can charge up. Solar lighting performance is contingent on the amount of sunlight obtained during the day.


Other solar lighting advantages are:

No tools needed to assemble

Super easy-to-handle connector and bulb replacement

Still functions during electrical outages


Little maintenance required

Reduce energy costs

Very easy to install; more so than low-voltage systems


As homeowners, you work hard to pick distinctive trees, plants, flowers, and shrubs to make the perimeter of your residence and landscape stunning. However, there is one facet of landscaping that is continuously overlooked. When it’s nighttime, without accurately selected and installed landscape lighting, your marvelous planned landscape design vanishes. If you want to make the most of your landscaping investment, choose wisely landscape lighting that brings beauty to your evening time curb appeal.


You need to figure out what is the outcome you want with landscape lighting, regardless if it is to illuminate your deck, walkways, and patios or to improve your home’s security. Creating objectives for your landscape lighting lets you think outside of the box with your landscape lighting design plans and also guarantees you have all your basic elements covered.