Benefits of a Unique Landscape


Sometimes a landscape that is a little different from the others is a good thing. Maybe everyone pretty much has the same front yard or it just has grass and a few shrubs. You want to attract attention a little bit, have something more exciting or unique in your landscaping so you stand out from the rest. Our Tomball, TX landscaping company can provide you with the unique landscaping that you desire!

Use a Rock Garden

One kind of unique feature would be to have a rock garden instead of mulch. Rocks come in all kinds of colors and can be used in the same way mulch does, around trees or shrubs. This kind of landscaping works well in an area that's hard to reach, or on a slant, or needs good drainage. Weeds are at a minimum, and it can add a pop of color to an area. Our landscape designers can help you decide the best look for any area.

Enhance with Native Plants

Woodlands Best Landscapers.jpg

Another option is to use native plants instead of grass in certain parts of your yard. Native plants may not be the most commonly found in garden centers sometimes but can have a nice impact in your yard. Native plants are acclimated to the climate and survive without needing as much care as plants that do not grow naturally around here. Native plants can offer a lot of foliage colors and variations that can greatly enhance your lawn.

Walls Made Unique

A retaining wall is also a way to add a unique feature to your yard. If your yard naturally slopes, then retaining walls can be used to shore up areas of your yard to make them flatter, or to add layers to your yard that look very interesting from the street. Retaining walls can also have planters built into them, to add even more interest.

Get Creative

Using unusual containers for your plantings can add a lot of creativity to a yard. Overturned wooden barrels can be made to look like flowers are flowing from them. Old wheelbarrows and troughs can have plantings in them. Even old, large watering cans are a clever way to add flowers with some added interest.

Stone Walkway Woodlands Landscaper.jpg

Pergolas, shade structures, and arbors add a structural element to your yard. Our designers can help you come up with a structure that meets your needs, provides shade, and fits your patio or deck area. These structures can have ivy or flowering vines that grow up the side, planters or lanterns that hang or lighting around the structure. There are many possibilities!

Adding walkways and paths throughout your yard and garden can add a unique touch. Flat stones with moss growing in between are an interesting look, and stone edges can create borders that look like they belong there. Planters can be built into different areas of your yard to add drama. Having unique landscape areas in your yard can be a lovely way to stand out from the crowd, add interest to your home, and elevate your look among your neighbors. We are a premier landscaping company in Tomball, TX area. Our landscape designers can create a unique and customized look for your yard today.